Slab Foundations

What are Slab Foundations?

Slab on grade foundations (commonly known as slab foundations) are shallow foundations supported by surface soils. Slab foundations are commonly used for residential foundations throughout many cities in Texas and the US, including San Antonio. Shallow in nature, slab on grade foundations resting on expansive soils are more susceptible to differential foundation movement.

Who has this Type of Foundation?

Residential and commercial foundations built in the modern era are predominantly slab foundations. Within Texas’ major cities, slab on grade foundations are the go to approach for the majority of building markets for lite commercial and residential customers. In the San Antonio, central Texas markets, homes built after the 1950’s are likely to be a slab foundation.

When Should I Repair My Slab Foundation?

There are several issues that can happen to your slab foundation that you should be aware of and keep an eye out for to know if it’s time for a repair. The easiest to spot are cracks with exterior or interior walls, cracking is a sign that the foundation is uneven and weakened and needs attention as soon as possible.

If you notice that doors and windows are sticking there is a chance your foundation has shifted. Do the floors and counters suddenly feel uneven or bowed? This is caused by cracks in the foundation causing it to slope. We know that all of this sounds like a long painful process to fix and we are happy to be the experts you need.

Premier Foundation Repair Services in San Antonio

Our slab foundation repair services are tailored to each and every project. Our solutions and repairs depend on how weakened the foundation is, the size of the project, and even the location. With every project, we include a comprehensive foundation and site analysis to ensure that our team knows all of the details to ensure we get the job done right!

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