Drainage Correction &
Soil Maintenance

Why Drainage and Soil Maintenance
Are Important to Your Foundation

Understanding your soil and drainage is the key to maintaining the desired equilibrium of your foundation. Poor site drainage and maintenance has proved to jeopardize the integrity of residential and business foundations throughout not only San Antonio, but most of Texas, by means of erosion, slumping, heaving and subsidence.

Vantage Foundation Are
Soil Experts in San Antonio 

Soils within the prairie lands of San Antonio and Central Texas contain a high percentage of clays and silt. Naturally, clay soils can substantially increase and decrease in volume with periods of over and under saturation. Unlike sand, a larger and more coarse particle, clay traps water allowing it to swell. We’ve worked with the lands of San Antonio and Central Texas for many years and have become experts in finding drainage and soil solutions. 
Drain Corrections and management

Our Methods of Drainage Correction 

Drains, Gutters, and Sump Pumps

The more common and cost effective method of removing excessive surface and subsurface migratory water is done mechanically. Our team does this by re-grading portions of the existing soil, cutting a swale, and redirecting the run off water. Secondary solutions can include gutters,  surface Drains and French Drains. Sump Pumps can be installed for those situations that will not allow natural discharge of captured water. 

Drought Prevention 

Equally important to drainage correction is maintaining an adequate moisture level within the clay based soils. In Central Texas and San Antonio it’s common for the surrounding soil to be made up of expansive varieties of clay. Unfortunately, clay is affected by drought which can cause shrinkage within the soil.  In some cases the installation of Dripline Irrigation can help control the seasonal soil volumetric changes, thus reducing the cosmetic effects it may cause within the superstructure.   

Our team, when on site, can discuss and help resolve many of your drainage and moisture control systems and recommend the best approach for your particular needs.

Dry Soil Solution