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Drainage Correction & Soil Maintenance

At Vantage Foundation Repair, we understand the importance of proper drainage and soil maintenance for the long-term stability of your foundation. In San Antonio and Central Texas, where clay soils are prevalent, it is crucial to address drainage issues to prevent erosion, slumping, heaving, and subsidence.


As soil experts with years of experience in the region, we have developed effective solutions for drainage correction and soil maintenance. Our team employs various methods such as re-grading, swale creation, and redirecting runoff water to remove excess surface and subsurface water. We also utilize gutters, surface drains, French drains, and sump pumps for more complex situations where natural discharge is not feasible.

Why Drainage and Soil Maintenance Are Important to Your Foundation

Understanding your soil and drainage is the key to maintaining the desired equilibrium of your foundation. Poor site drainage and maintenance has proved to jeopardize the integrity of residential and business foundations throughout not only San Antonio, but most of Texas, by means of erosion, slumping, heaving and subsidence.

Vantage Foundation Are Soil Experts in San Antonio

Soils within the prairie lands of San Antonio and Central Texas contain a high percentage of clays and silt. Naturally, clay soils can substantially increase and decrease in volume with periods of over and under saturation. Unlike sand, a larger and more coarse particle, clay traps water allowing it to swell. We’ve worked with the lands of San Antonio and Central Texas for many years and have become experts in finding drainage and soil solutions. 

Our Methods of Drainage Correction Drains, Gutters, and Sump Pumps

At Vantage Foundation Repair, we offer a variety of effective methods for drainage correction. Our experienced team utilizes mechanical techniques to remove excessive surface and subsurface water. This includes re-grading the soil, creating swales to redirect runoff water, and implementing secondary solutions such as gutters, surface drains, and French drains. In cases where natural discharge is not possible, we can install sump pumps to efficiently manage captured water. Trust us to provide cost-effective solutions tailored to your specific drainage needs.

Drought Prevention

Equally important to drainage correction is maintaining an adequate moisture level within the clay based soils. In Central Texas and San Antonio it’s common for the surrounding soil to be made up of expansive varieties of clay. Unfortunately, clay is affected by drought which can cause shrinkage within the soil.  In some cases the installation of Dripline Irrigation can help control the seasonal soil volumetric changes, thus reducing the cosmetic effects it may cause within the superstructure.   

In addition to addressing drainage concerns, we also emphasize the need for proper moisture control in clay-based soils. Drought conditions can lead to soil shrinkage, which can negatively impact the foundation. To combat this, we offer solutions like Dripline Irrigation to regulate moisture levels and mitigate the cosmetic effects of soil volumetric changes.

Our team, when on site, can discuss and help resolve many of your drainage and moisture control systems and recommend the best approach for your particular needs.

Let Vantage Foundation Repair Keep Your Property Protected

Our experienced team specializes in resolving drainage issues and maintaining the equilibrium of your foundation. During our site visits, our knowledgeable team will assess your specific drainage and moisture control needs and recommend the most suitable approach. We also offer financing options for qualified borrowers to make our services more accessible

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Maintaining a balanced soil and drainage system is essential for the stability and integrity of your foundation. Trust Vantage Foundation Repair to provide expert solutions and ensure the long-term protection of your property. Contact us today for long-lasting foundation protection.