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Slab Foundations

slab foundations

Vantage Foundation Repair takes pride in utilizing the best methods to repair your slab foundation.

Slab on grade foundations (commonly known as slab foundations) supported by expansive surface soils are commonly used for residential foundations throughout many cities in Texas. San Antonio, Houston, Austin, Dallas and Fort Worth are among the many. These foundations are typically shallow in nature thus more susceptible to differential foundation movement.

Inherently low in tension strength, common design practices for concrete foundations include steel rebar, post-tensioning cables or welded wire fabric to reinforce the concrete. Regardless of the style of foundation system used, the builder’s workmanship coupled with soil, water and maintenance conditions will ultimately govern the integrity of the structure. For those structures proven to have shown excessive movement methods of foundation underpinning or stabilizing could be accomplished by a foundation repair contractor with Concrete Pressed Piers, Drilled Piers, Steel Piers, Helical Piers, Polymeric injections and/or pressure grouting.

Contact Vantage Foundation Repair to let us help you determine what repair method, if any, is best for you, your home and your individual situation.  Not all slabs are created equal, and we will look at the many factors that make your home unique to create a solution for your slab foundation.