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Foundation repair services and solutions for residential and commercial properties

Foundation Repair Services

Indicators of foundation movement come in many forms. The most obvious may be walking up or down hill in the structure or large cracks in existing super structure or foundation. Smaller indicators may be in the form of visible cracks around window and door frames, cracks in tile or sheetrock or in some cases swinging doors. Exterior stress indicators can form in the brick, siding, fascia or roofline areas. Bottom line…structures are designed to flex and move as needed, however, how much is too much for you?

Slab Foundations

service-slab foundation repair

Slab foundation repair services include installation of pressed concrete pilings, steel pressed pilings.


Slab on grade foundations (commonly known as slab foundations) supported by expansive surface soils are commonly used for residential foundations throughout many cities in Texas, including San Antonio.

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Pier and Beam

service - pier and beam

Foundation repair services for pier and beam foundations include pour in place supports, base and block supports, and a variety of other solutions.


Pier & Beam foundations are designed with a crawl space; some are more accessible than others.

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Retaining Walls

service - retaining-wall

Vantage Foundation Repair installs retaining wall systems for both structural and aesthetic purposes.


Retaining walls are designed for both aesthetic and load bearing purposes. Aesthetic retaining walls can add definition and borders to porches, patios and large vegetation.

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Site Drainage

service - drainage correction

Having positive drainage (away from home) is important to keeping a healthy foundation


Understanding your soil and drainage is the key to allowing us to help you maintain the desired equilibrium of your foundation.

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Additional solutions we offer:

  • Crack Repair
  • Foundation Repair Contractors
  • Plumbing Tests & Recommendations
  • Vintage Homes
  • Free Assessments
  • Underpinning
  • Electronic Survey

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Vantage Foundation Repair fixed foundation due to damage from age and improper previous repairs. They recommended things we could do to improve longevity of the repairs, such as landscaping, and leveled house and replaced beams as needed. Derk was very helpful and responsive. His work crew were quick and competent, and were pleasant to boot. Everyone involved was on their game…

Celeste D, San Antonio, TX

The specialist was on time, professional, and very knowledgeable. We expected many costly repairs, but turned out we just need to do a bit of digging to channel water away from the property. I would definitely recommend them, they offer a free assessment.

Ivan T, San Antonio, TX

I have worked with Vantage Foundation Repair several times over the past year.  They are the best foundation repair company in San Antonio.  They are very responsive, provide quality work at a very fair price and most importantly, they stand behind their work and their warranty.  I will use Vantage Foundation Repair in the future and even more telling I…

Dave E, San Antonio, TX

We needed to replace all 50+ rotting cedar posts with concrete sonotube supports under our circa 100 year old house, and Vantage did an excellent job. Derk was friendly and professional and involved directly throughout the whole process. High level of integrity, thoroughness, and technical knowledge. We'll use Vantage again for future projects and recommend them highly.

Lewis M, San Antonio, TX
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