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Finding the Right Contractor

Finding the right foundation contractor can be quite a challenge. Open almost any form of advertising media, especially in San Antonio TX, and you are bombarded with company choices, styles of repair, and scary stories. As with most industries, contractors are a dime a dozen. There are a few things to keep in mind as you begin your due diligence.

  • Is the contractor licensed and insured? Although most cities and states do not have a specific licensing requirement for foundation repair individually, it is necessary and proper to have a general license to do business. To obtain such a license, most cities require up to date general liability insurance. Having this license also provides the customer an ear to voice complaints, when the contractor becomes suddenly impossible to reach. Insurance is crucial, as should an accident occur, you as the customer are not instantly liable.
  • Is the contractor BBB accredited? The BBB provides mediation services as well as holds the company accountable. BBB accredited businesses are held to a certain standard, and that is always a positive for the consumer.
  • Does the contractor have references? Make sure the references are from a significant date range, and are pertaining to the service you are interested in. Ask for contact information for the references, as there is much more you can learn from a conversation than a short letter of reference.
  • Talk to the contractor, in depth. Make sure your expectations are heard, and make sure to really discuss your expectations or the foundation contractor is on the same page as you. As your foundation is probably not something you know all the ins and outs of, ask for clarification, education. If the contractor can not, or is not willing to fully answer your questions, you must decide if this is acceptable to you.

Bottom line, trust your instinct. While the person assessing your home may or may not be the owner of the company, they are in fact a window into the company. A good contractor will make sure you are comfortable with the information you have just been given and will take as much time as you need to fully educate you. If and how you repair your home is a big decision, and you should not feel rushed or pressured. Don’t be deceived by flashy marketing materials or gimmicks. If you have to mention an ad or coupon ‘at time of assessment’, it is probably not a true discount.

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